City of Las Vegas Nevada Services Directory

The following information is for Vegas Webmasters and Visitors

Dear Visitors & Potential Website Partners,

You have discovered something different and something useful. We are offering you a collection of quality, relevant, and dare we say ACTUALLY USEFUL Las Vegas Internet Properties.  Visitors will appreciate our efforts to weed out websites which are nothing more than a collection of advertisments leading to the same basic Travel Providers. Webmasters will appreciate the opportunity to be listed and not have to worry about being penalized by the Search Engines for low quality return links.

Webmasters are welcome to submit sites for inclusion into this directory.  However only those sites offering a quality user experience will be accepted.

CityofLasVegas.NET is designed to offer users and outstanding Vegas Directory experience and “like minded” webmasters an alternative to the “Link Farm” mindset so prevelant and penalized by the Search Engines.  The intent of CityofLasVegas.NET is NOT to exclude sites, rather than to maintain a standard of quality.  This is not a page of links, a link farm, but rather an individually human edited directory and partnership between participating sites.  If you are a quick buck artist just trying to cash in on “link popularity” or affiliate programs then you are probably wasting your time.  If you are a webmaster who is producting their own content and offering a valuable (Even if redundant) resource then please send us a note.

Look around and enjoy a pop up free environment.  All advertising is text only (You can’t accidently click on somewhere you don’t want to go).  We employ no tricks, no covert software installations and no come ons.  Our partner members are REAL business people offering REAL services to our visitors.

If you have a site related to Las Vegas that does not fit into one of the current categories send it along anyways and let us see if we can’t fit it in, or perhaps suggest a new category where we can add the site.

We don’t expect to become a Huge Directory of every possible Las Vegas Website, we do however expect to become a valuable resource for both webmaster and visitor alike in sorting through the mass of spam and getting to the REAL CONTENT.

It’s okay if your site runs ads for 3rd party products, if you advertise Hotels, Car Rentals, Show Tickets, etc.  But you should also be ready to provide real user value and unique (Not reprinted article) content.  To quote David Letterman “This is an exibition not a competition”. What we mean by this is simple.  We offer Travel Services (Hotel Reservations, Flights, Car Rentals, Coupon Books, etc.) like most other Las Vegas Web properties.  However we welcome other companies providing the same services as long as there is a mutually beneficial “mindset” in the marketing stategy.  This means we welcome competitive sites as long as the playing field is “level”.  You should expect to treat our relationship as one of partners.  But if you are just advertising Adsense and the same old affiliate programs while offering no real content then you are probably not a good fit.

As you browse the directory you’ll note that entries are added 1st come first serve.  It is not our intention to exclude or “rank” a site – this is simply a reward to those webmasters who got in early.  This shouldn’t effect “clickthroughs” too much as most catergories are not that large.

If you have a TRAVEL site that is not related to Las Vegas and would still like to be listed we can add your site to the “Links” page.

Thank You

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